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published: Nov. 3, 2022, 3:48 p.m.
date: Dec. 10, 2021


The national Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has been dissatisfied with the general state of traffic signals on some of our urban road networks across the country. This condition, coupled with the state of streetlights, increases the vulnerability of road users, especially pedestrians, to road traffic crashes and their associated injuries and deaths.

Our inspections show that, though there has been an improvement in visibility at night over the last twelve months, some high-risk locations in some regional capitals remain dark due to non-functional or unavailable streetlights. In terms of traffic signals observed as non-functional, they were either faulty or broken down. Out of the total of seventy-five (75) non-functional traffic lights identified across the country, Greater Accra (48%), Ashanti (19%), Central (9%) and Western (7%) accounts for 83% of all non-functional traffic lights. While the Northern and Upper West regions had no cases of non-functional traffic signals, the Western-North, Oti, Ahafo, Savannah & North east regions do not have traffic signals installed.

The continuous disregard of duty-bearers to these faulty and non-functional streetlights and traffic signals undermines the intent for their installation, which include the desire to influence an efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians to minimise the potential conflicts and possible crash.

The Authority considers the non-functionality of traffic signals and streetlights as a road safety threat with the potential to increase the risk of road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in urbanized environments.

Given the threat and the duty imposed on the Authority to reduce road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths, the Authority directs that the Department of Urban Roads, the relevant Assemblies and the Ministry of Energy should take urgent and appropriate steps to ensure the functionality of streetlights and traffic signals. The Authority may be compelled to exercise its mandate to enforce the standards against erring duty bearer should the irresponsibility persist.

Ahead of the busy festive season, road users are advised to be cautious when approaching intersections otherwise signalled. As an interim measure, the Authority directs that the various District assemblies should work with the police to deploy trained traffic wardens to help manage the gaps.

We have attached for your information a schedule of the faulty and non-functional lamps observed through our inspections as of December 8, 2021.