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The Upper West Region of Ghana is located in the north-western corner of Ghana and is bordered by Upper East and North East regions to the east, Savannah region to the south, and Burkina Faso to the west and north. Wa, the largest settlement in the region is its capital.

The political administration of the region is through the local government system, where the region is divided into 11 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) (made up of 0 Metropolitan, 5 Municipal and 6 Ordinary Assemblies).

The NRSA will set up District Road Safety Committees at these levels to provide for road safety related services.

The National highway 12 (N12) and the National highway 18 (N18) pass through the region. National highways are class of roads and highways that form the trunk routes between major urban centres.

The blackspots on the N12 include:

  • Kaleo Custom Barrier
  • Kaleo mango plantation
  • Kaleo Township
  • Airport Gate
  • Airport Curve
  • Rabito
  • Old Guiness
  • Hospital T-Light
  • Konta Junction
  • Samanbo
  • Loho

The blackspots on the N18 include:

  • Sabuli Start

Office Location: 3rd Floor, Controller and Accountant General’s Department building [Ministries Block E]
along the Wa-Kumasi highway
GPS Address: XW-0021-9295
Email: upperwest@nrsa.gov.gh