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The Savannah Region was curved out of the then Northern Region in 2018 with Damongo as the regional capital. The Savannah Region is bordered on the north by the Upper West Region, on the west by the Ghana Cote d’Ivoire international border, on the south by the Bono and Bono East Regions and on the West by the North East and Northern Regions.

The Savannah Region has the National highway 7 (N7), National highway 10 (N10) and the National highway 12 (N12) passing through the region. National highways are class of roads and highways that form the trunk routes between major urban centres.

The blackspots on the N7 include:

  • Damongo
  • Ndewura Japka
  • Kunkunde
  • GCWL Treatment plant

The blackspots on the N10 include:

  • Kintampo
  • Volta Lake Transportation Junction

The blackspots on the N12 include:

  • Yakamba Junction
  • Serekpe
  • Bodi
  • Lapaga
  • Daboya

Office Location: Damongo [opposite Bawloso Rural Bank, Jafo Street]
GPS Address: N5-00005-7298