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  • 09 Jul 2021


Raining season is here again, floods have started destroying lives, properties livelihood in the country and Ablekuma Central Municipal Assembly is not an exception. The Assembly through the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit line up several sensitization programs on flood, it causes effects and mitigation measures municipal wide

The objective of this program is to reduce the incidence of flood and its effect in the Municipality.

Sensitization of churches was carried out from 18th of June, to 9th July, 2022 on flood.Sensitization was based on causes, effects and mitigation measures of flood.The sensitization was focused on proper waste storage and disposal coupled with positive attitudinal change. We also spoke to them on the need to acquire toilet at half price which is currently going on in the Assembly.

Pastors, church elders and members participated and contributed meaningfully and we are happy to say that the program was a success.