As part of measures to ensure road safety in the West African sub-region, the sub-regional Road Safety Organization will develop a non-motorized transportation policy for member countries. This policy when approved will stipulate legislation on non-motorised transportation and provide alternative transport modes such as cycling and walking.

The Director-General for National Road Safety Authority, Ing. May Obiri- Yeboah revealed this at a press briefing held on Monday in Accra, to begin the 9th Annual General Meeting of the West Africa Road Safety Organization Conference.

According to her, road crashes have been identified globally and domestically as a socio-economic challenge affecting countries in West Africa and leading to major deaths in the sub-region. She explained that, to help curb this menace and promote road safety,  member countries in sub-region embraced the idea to collaborate to form WARSO In May 2008.

‘Road traffic crashes and its fatalities keep rising on our roads. People killed and injured are mostly the breadwinners and contributors to the economy at large. Due to this, road safety experts from the West African Community have come together to discuss the emerging issues in the sector and find remedies to them.’ She said.

Ing. May Obiri Yeboah further added that the UN Decade of Action for 2020 will elapse next year hence this event will enable them to evaluate their successes as a sub-region to analyze if this is in accordance with what the world says about the decade.

‘The UN Decade of action for 2020 will come to an end next year. It is our hope that we can use WARSO day to look at what we have done as member countries and evaluate ourselves to see whether we are in tune with what the whole world is saying about the decade. If we are lacking, then what do we do as a sub-region to ensure that in the next decade, we will do well. So we will observe some of the successes we have chalked up as well as identifying challenges we are facing’ she explained.

She added that members will also deliberate on how to include road safety into the basic education curriculum,  promotion of the wearing of crash helmet, how to enhance pedestrian safety, the UN Road Safety convention, among others.

The conference which is on the theme ‘Evaluating Road Safety Performances in West Africa Under the Decade of Action for Road Safety-2011 to 2020’ was hosted by the National Road Safety Authority.


                                                                   From: The Communication Unit



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