Welcome to the official website of the National Road Safety Authority, Ghana. The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) is the lead public statutory body responsible for road safety management in Ghana. Originally it was established as the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) by an Act of Parliament (NRSC 1999, Acts 567) to plan, develop, promote and coordinate policies related to road safety. The law was however repelled in August 2019, and replaced with the National Road Safety Authority Acts, 2019 (Acts 993) with additional mandate.

The Act received Presidential Assent on August 2nd, 2019 to repeals the National Road Safety Commission Acts, 1999 (Acts 567). Currently, the NRSA provides for an enhanced mandate in addition to the existing mandate of promoting best road safety practices among road users and coordinating road safety activities. The Authority is empowered now to regulate, ensure implementation and enforcement of road safety standards and procedures.


Key Functions

·        Undertake nationwide road safety Education, Information and Publicity
·         Develop a long term road safety plan
·         Promote road safety research
·         Carry out special project for the improvement of road safety  
·         Co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate road safety activities, programmes and strategies
·         Recommend to the Minister and such bodies as it may determine measures calculated to prevent road crashes and injuries involving the use of vehicles on the road.
·         Advise the Minister on the formulation of road safety policies and action programmes
·         Develop and maintain a comprehensive database on road safety for the information of the public
·         Establish with Road Authorities, procedures for safety audit of projects for roads construction, reconstruction or improvement.
·         Set standards for road safety equipment and ensure compliance
·         In the last two decade, the NRSC discharged the task of increasing general awareness for road safety, stabilizing the trend of road traffic crashes and reducing the fatality rate among others through research, data-led campaigns and other innovative measures as the teaching of road safety in schools, use of lollipop stands among others.

However, the NRSC did not have the mandate to exact obedience to road safety standards and procedures beyond giving advice and making recommendations where the breaches to road safety standards and procedures have consequences for road safety casualties. In regard to the new Act, Act 2019 (Acts 993) the National Road Safety Authority is mandated to issue compliance notices to institutions or organizations who breach road safety satndards and procedures in the construction of roads , construction materials on the road,billboards, etc.

The public should have the assurance that, the Authority remains committed to help improve the country’s road safety situation and motivated to implement the renewed mandate for our collective good.


The Authority is headed by the Director-General, Ing. Mrs. May Obiri-Yeboah and other supporting directors which include the Director for Planning and Programmes (P&P), Ing. David Osafo Adonteng and the Director for Research , Monitoring and Evaluation (RME), Ing. Martin Affram.
As a result of the new update, a new directorate, Regulation, Inspection and Compliance (RIC) has been created headed by Mr. Kwame Kodua Atuahene. However, the Authority currently has offices in all regions excluding the new regions. 


National Vision

Ghana, a country with the safest road transport system in Africa.

Corporate Vision

A reputable organization with a highly motivated staff committed to reducing the fatality rate per 10000 vehicles to a single digit.


To promote best road safety practices for all categories of road users..

The Board

Rev. Ismaila Hansmittson Awudu
Rev. Ismaila Hansmittson Awudu Chairman

CEO of Hansgroup of Companies

Lt. Col. George Kobina Wilson
Lt. Col. George Kobina WilsonMember

Ghana Armed Forces

Mrs. Dora Darkwa Mensah
Mrs. Dora Darkwa MensahMember

Ministry of Education

Hon. George Baffour Owusu Afriyie
Hon. George Baffour Owusu AfriyieMember

Private Providers of Road Transport

Mr. Inusah Shirazu
Mr. Inusah ShirazuMember

National Association of Drivers Schools

Ing. (Mrs.) May Obiri-Yeboah
Ing. (Mrs.) May Obiri-YeboahMember

National Road Safety Commission

COP Maxwell Sakipasgo Atingane
COP Maxwell Sakipasgo AtinganeMember

Road Traffic Police - MTTD

Mr. Oliver Bio
Mr. Oliver BioMember

National Insurance Commission

Mr. George Fausta Baffoe
Mr. George Fausta BaffoeMember

Private Providers of Road Transport

Mrs. Dorothy Afriyie-Ansah
Mrs. Dorothy Afriyie-AnsahMember

Min. Local Gov't & Rural Govt.

 Mr. Kwesi Agyeman Busia
Mr. Kwesi Agyeman BusiaMember


Mr. Joseph Nerboi Tetteh
Mr. Joseph Nerboi TettehMember

Ministry of Communication

Ing. Francis Kweku Afukaar
Ing. Francis Kweku AfukaarMember

Building Road & Research Institute

Mr. Joseph N. Tetteh
Mr. Joseph N. TettehMember

Ministry of Communication

Mr. Seth Eshun
Mr. Seth EshunMember


Mr. Victor Obeng Adiyiah
Mr. Victor Obeng AdiyiahMember

Ghana Insurers Association

Mrs.Halima S. Yakubu
Mrs.Halima S. YakubuMember

Ministry of Transport

Prof. Ahmed Nuhu Zakariah
Prof. Ahmed Nuhu ZakariahMember

Ministry of Health

Rev. Erasmus Amankwah Addo
Rev. Erasmus Amankwah AddoMember

Ghana Journalist Association

Mr. George Ofori Davis
Mr. George Ofori DavisMember

Private Providers of Road Transport


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